Here's a few things that are helping me smile this week

my sweet pup trying to catch a fly on the back porch :) 
decorating with flowers from my yard... The Russian sage here makes me hope that the new owners' of our old house are thoroughly enjoying my  bed of it that I planted from seedlings so many years ago 
and this lone echinacea bloom from my backyard
this portable water bowl that I bought for Fenway.. best 10 bucks that I've ever spent....
it's flat and hangs on her leash, but when she needs a drink...
it pops open to become a water bowl!
the fact that I was able to 'freeze water' while playing with my camera ( this was done on purpose ;) 

and lastly.. since I've been having so much fun with my new grill, I knew I couldn't pass these flexible skewers up!!
happy weekend, friends! oxox


08/02/2013 4:09pm


08/02/2013 4:12pm

yay!! I made you smile too!!! xoox

Mae Kerr
08/02/2013 4:46pm

Sweet Fen is adorable ... Love the lavender sage.. My Favorite color and love that flat dog bowl and the white shelf with the flowers and candle...and of course your grilled veggies look delicious... You must be adjusting quite well in your new surroundings... Have not had much time to look at all your posts lately because I have been very busy at my end here... So tonight I did... ;)

08/02/2013 5:10pm

Thanks Mae!! Oxox

08/02/2013 6:25pm

08/02/2013 6:27pm

I wanted to hit the "like" button several times!

08/02/2013 6:34pm

That's awesome! Thanks. We are so used to 'liking' things ever since Facebook.... Enjoy your weekend!


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