so if you are friends with me on the devil that is facebook, then you may have seen the picture of the pina colada pop that I posted yesterday.
( if you aren't, I know how to fix that ;) 

soooo.. this idea came to me last week while I was shopping at a grand opening sale (of a new Sprouts!!!) and coconut water was on sale. 

Coconut water has become very popular recently ( in case ya didn't know). It's kind like Mother Nature's Gatorade. It is super- hydrating , it's fat free, it's cholesterol- free, it's tasty.. annnd it's one of the ingredients in a Pina Colada! 

so, at this same sale there was whole pineapples on sale for 99cents a piece. ( clean your computer screen, it's ok... I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself) 

So immediately I decided I had to play. ( yes, I play with my food. I'm cool with that :) )

so given that it is mid summer and over 90 degrees just about everyday, I thought freezer pops would be in order. 

seriously, this is so simple, and Im sure I cannot be the first person to think of this, but I was so proud of myself for thinking this, that I went with it....  oh and those cherries... well, doesn't every pina colada have a cherry on top??

It's all pretty straight-forward... I opened the can on coconut water ( that's some raw talent there, I tell ya :) )
peeled, cored and cut the pineapple ( you could used canned it you cannot find fresh) 
and blended in blender with a pinch of salt until smooth. 

then I poured the mixture into my pop molds. ( I bought these at Bed Bath & Beyond a few years back... but you can find them anywhere these days) Make sure that the mixture is filled up right to the tippy top. if there is foam at the top, spoon off and replace with more of the liquid. , the handle part of the pop maker needs something to freeze onto. I found it easier to partially fill the molds ( 3/4 of the way) place it in the freezer, then finish pouring and putting the tops in. ( It just makes it easier rather than spilling the molds on the way to the freezer. Go ahead.. ask me how I know :)  *whistles mindlessly*

once I poured the coconut- pineapple mixture in , I dropped pieces on the (pitted) cherries in. I was afraid that they would fall to the bottom, ( which they did) but I thought the end result was pretty.. dontcha think?

next, just freeze until set! I find it helpful to run the mold under warm water for about a minute before removing ( it just makes it so much easier to release) 




07/28/2013 11:52am

these look delicious!! love the cherries in there :)

07/28/2013 2:56pm

thanks! they are yummy! I'm so glad that I thought o add the cherries... I made one batch with, one without just in case, and the ones without are not nearly as pretty to look at..


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