happy Monday friends! 

I hope y'all had a nice weekend. I spent much of mine ( surprise) in the kitchen. 

and in front of the grill :) 

When we moved to Colorado, we were under the impression that having charcoal grills ( I'm a charcoal girl all the way) was frowned upon due to the dryness and the threat of wildfires. 

Before we moved, I gave my little sister my weber grill. ( and I happen to know that she is enjoying the heck out of it )

Scott and I have done a lot of research on which grill would be right for us. Gas, of course, is easy & quick. We also had the added benefit that we have a gas line plumbed right into our deck, so using gas would have ben very easy.

However, like I said, I am a charcoal girl.. always have been, always will be. 
When I asked my dear friend, Celia of River cat Chili her suggestion she said ' get a smoker'

about 10 times. 

In the past Scott and I had looked at the big green egg. A ceramic grill/ smoker like no other. It is designed to be used with the lid closed. The unique shape and the fact that it is ceramic , it utilizes the charcoal longer ( so it goes farther) and It basically can be used for many cooking methods. 

We started looking at gas grills once we were out here, and when we saw the egg, we started to re- think our choice. 

long story bearable, we have been the proud owners of a small green egg
I would not be exagerating one little bit if I were to tell you that I have used this 6 out of 7 nights since we brought her home.  

I have made pizza, calzones, veggies, steak ( better than steakhouse steak, since the temp of the egg can get close to 800 degrees), burgers.. I could go on and on. 

 Given that Celia kept telling me to get a smoker, I prepped myself to smoke a pork shoulder yesterday. By prepped I mean I read, and studied, and watched utube videos, and said some prayers, and set out early morning to attempt this.

( there is something very exciting about setting up and lighting a grill while still in my jammies drinking my first cup of tea. ) 

Now... I hope that I don't disappoint, but I'm not sharing a recipe or directions. ( I just made a simple rub and worked on the smoking part.. keeping the egg at 225 for the entire day)  

I just don't know enough about what I did, I just know that it came out amazing.

let me repeat


I went with chili- lime flavors and hickory wood chips.

My intent was to shred it for soft corn tacos, but I changed my mind. Once it was done, i wrapped the pork in aluminum foil for about 45 minutes and thought about what kind of sauce to put with it. ( this is what I will share with you)

I ran ( actually walked.. I'm loving this part of our new home) to the store  and saw a big display for Hatch peppers.

I picked a few up... after all, the sign said ' get em before they're gone'

I ended up throwing them on the grill since it was set up to smoke all day. 

So when trying to decide my sauce, I knew I wanted to incorporate them 

( btw.. they were not as spicy as the sign leads you to believe.. these were actually quite mild)  so here is what I came up with 
1 cup of orange juice
juice of 1 lime
1 chipotle pepper
3 scallions 
1 roasted Hatch pepper, seeds removed. 
( note.. I did not use the jalepeno in the end) 

add all ingredients to a blender and blend. Season with salt and pepper.
Add mixture to a sauce pan and bring to a slow simmer, allowing sauce to reduce.

The combination of flavors was crazy good. and so darn simple!  If you can't find the Hatch peppers, then try any mild pepper.  To char the pepper you can simply do it over you grill, an open fire ( like a fire pit, just like you'd roast a marshmallow) or right on top of your stove directly on the burner. 

this sauce would be great over chicken, or a dipping sauce for veggies, or a fantastic glaze for tofu.
the final dish.  The flavors were off the hook. You can see the sauce on the taco itself.  The little cup is my healthy-version of chipotle cream sauce. 
you can go to 


for the recipe. 

I have a whole bunch of recipes lined up for you this week. 
I can promise you that this won't be the last time you will see these peppers ;) 



08/05/2013 6:10pm

I'll take that with my margarita when I come for my visit....or the steak...(mouth-watering!)

08/06/2013 3:35pm

Hmm... Decisions can be so difficult.. How about I just make both ?

08/05/2013 6:55pm

i'm drooling all over my Ipad! Nom nom

08/05/2013 9:25pm

Here's a towel , dear .. Approval from the master herself? I'm humbly honored :)

08/06/2013 1:00pm

Looks absolutely delicious!!!!!

08/06/2013 3:34pm

Thank you :)


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