there are lots of little things this week that are making me smile. here are few of them :) 

my pretty 1950's inspired strawberry apron!
seriously, it just makes me happy :) 

little bowls of frozen fruit!
I started with grapes , but with so much yummy summer produce available ( and affordable) I've been freezing all sorts of treats!

chilled pitchers of flavored water.... it feels fancy even thought it's really just... water!
my retro blue ball jars!  I saw these online a few months ago and thought that I haaad  to get them.. QUICK! before they sell out!  So I bought 3 cases. 

turns out they are in Target, Hardware stores, etc...  so the mad rush did not have to happen. It's ok.. I still love them.

and how about those super- bendy straws? just. plain. fun. 

pasta pie. have you seen it floating around on pinterest? welp, I made it this week and I'm kinda infatuated with it.

basically, you set up your cooked ziti ( tossed with olive oil and some cheese) with the ziti standing up all around the pan like little soldiers ( I used a springform pan)  ( so that all the holes in the pasta are facing up.)

then pour your sauce over-top, top with cheese and bake.  Allow to cool for a minute, remove springform pan and...

YUM!   I cannot wait to play around with other flavors... spinach and cheese... chicken broccoli alfredo..hmm...

unexpectedly having some of my kids here.  it's just so nice to have them here.. to enjoy thunderstorms, walks in the park, Friday night pizza trips and of course, the beloved Bonnie brae ice cream...

and despite that they are 18 & 20, they still love a good ol-fashioned tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich for lunch :) 

what's making you smile ? 


07/17/2013 8:13pm

Nice job Shel ;) The apron looks great and can you send that pasta with Ali . YUM!!

07/18/2013 7:07am

Thanks:). Lol... Poor girl already has to travel with grilled pizza for a friend... Wait until I tell her she needs to bring you pasta too ;)

07/18/2013 5:43pm


Joyce Lynch
07/18/2013 4:21pm

Yup my kids, grand kids, my husband.....oh did I mention my kids?

07/18/2013 5:43pm


Mae Kerr
07/18/2013 5:15pm

That ziti pizza looks delicious Michelle and I think i will try it... I love how you love to cook.... I wish I had your enthusiam for it and I am glad you are smiling....xxoo Mae

07/18/2013 5:45pm

thanks, Mae! The ziti really was easy and it looked so pretty! ( and tasted great too! oxox


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